Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) Videos

Remote Patient Monitoring

RPM Explained:

Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 4

Phase 5

Phase 6

Phase 7

Who Benefits from RPM?

Family Benefits

Patient Benefits

Doctor/Physician Benefits


Watch Prestige Health Receive the 2020 Small Business of the Year Award

Prestige is a locally owned small business operating in wards 4 and 8 in Washington, DC. PHRI is celebrating over 10 years of delivering service to vulnerable residents in the district. We are one of the preferred certified mental health providers in the community. PHRI is a DC Chamber member with relationships with industry stakeholders to support and continue work and service in Washington, DC

Best of Home Care Employer of Choice Award 2020

Home Care Pulse Certified Trusted Provider 2018

Best of Home Care Provider of Choice Award 2020

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