Substance Use Disorder (SUD) Program

Get Help from Prestige Healthcare Resources in Washington, D.C.

Addiction to drugs, alcohol, and other substances is a complex disease that often accompanies other mental health and health issues. The road to recovery is long and challenging, but Prestige Healthcare Resources in Washington, D.C., is here to help.

Our substance abuse treatment services are available to residents who are 18 years of age or older, recipients of Medicare or Medicaid eligibility, and have a substance use disorder diagnosis within the past 12 months.

To register for our services, you will need a copy of your identification and a copy of your insurance card.

We offer help with a range of treatment levels to help clients overcome addiction and achieve a successful sober lifestyle.

The Five Stages of Recovery

The clinical portion of the road to recovery takes several steps, and Prestige can assist at each.

  • Detox: Clients must detox from the substances they have been taking. With the help of Prestige’s Case Management program, a client can find the help and supervision for this crucial first step.
  • Residential Care: This is often the next step to set a client up for initial success, and Prestige can help co-ordinate residential care through our Case Management program.
  • Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP): A partial hospitalization program builds on breakthroughs a client has in residential treatment and keeps momentum towards recovery going. Prestige can assist in assessing and co-ordinating this important step to help clients find the appropriate level of care.
  • Intensive Outpatient Care (Level 2.5 Day Treatment): Prestige Healthcare Resources’ trained staff works with clients to build on what they have started in those first three steps and begin to rejoin their community.
    • Level 2.5 Day Treatment is a great option for current or new clients who:
      • Are willing to commit a minimum of 20 hours weekly toward their recovery
      • Have recently been released from inclient detox treatment, inclient psychiatric care, incarceration or intensive outpatient treatment and need continued care
      • Are newly in remission or sobriety, and need intensive support to maintain sobriety
      • Have a legal mandate to receive treatment
      • Understand the need for Substance Abuse Disorder treatment
      • Have personal, work or school commitments that prevent taking part in inclient treatment
      • Are coming to Prestige from another service provider
      • Have been unsuccessful with Level 1 (Outpatient Rehab)
  • General Outpatient Care (Level 1 Outpatient Rehab): This program, again provided directly by Prestige Health Resources staff, helps clients maintain their successful recovery over the longer term.
    • Level 1 Outpatient Rehab is a great option for current or new clients who
      • Are willing to commit to a minimum of 8 hours weekly toward their recovery
      • Have become stable and are in remission, but could benefit from ongoing psychotherapy and other treatment for issues that came up during their recovery, or for ongoing maintenance
      • Are stepping down from intensive outpatient therapy (level 2.5 or higher), or are coming to Prestige from another service provider
      • Enjoy group meetings and, develop relationships with peers
      • Can benefit from a strong clinical support team

    Contact us by email at or by telephone at (202) 796-5000.